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Approvisionnement eco-responsable avec LBX ASIE | Eco-friendly sourcing with LBX Asie LBX, expert in the environmental transition LBX vous accompagne dans l' approvisionnement eco-responsable | lbx asia supports you in responsible sourcing We support you from
design to delivery
LBX Asie, expert en approvisionnement eco-responsable | LBX Asie expert in responsible sourcing Our vigilance guarantees your serenity


We are experts in strategic sourcing of many types of product since 2005. Thanks to our local establishments ensuring a perfect knowledge of international industrial networks, our teams will assist you in all your projects. We ensure efficiency, security, and serenity during any step of the bespoke making of your products.
Aware of recycling and degradability issues and attentive to the current environmental challenges, we will provide you with advice and guidance to meet the best solution to your needs. Our knowledge and innovations will allow you to carry out your projects in an environmentally friendly way. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we will guide you in the material selection and support you during every step of the process.
LBX Asie est sensible à
LBX Asie c'est également l' approvisionnement éco-responsable du textile |


“Eco” has two meanings for us: ecology of course, but also economics. One being deeply linked to the other, and each one serving the other.
We are very mindful towards respecting the environment as well as ethical standards. This is the reason why we rigorously select our partners and give special attention to the manufacturing conditions, leaning on internationally recognized certifications.

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